Reorganizing Your Home (And Your Finances) with Siyana

Less stuff, more simplicity

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Siyana from Before & After.

As a child, Siyana already enjoyed decluttering her books and toys. This passion has stayed with her up to this day and this eventually lead her to launch her professional organizing business here in Luxembourg.

Tying up Minimalism BeforeAfterLux #sparkjoy

We will discuss how she helps her clients organize their belongings, what the benefits of organizing your stuff can mean to you, and of we will of course make the parallel with managing our finances.

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This episode is for you if in a way or another you feel overwhelmed in life and might need a little I would say “unconventional” but practical boost.

Key Takeaways:

  • Organizing and decluttering:
    • Group similar items and see if you have already many of the same (50 white T-shirts, anyone?).
    • More stuff means more maintenance, and this can quickly become burdensome.
    • You probably own much more things than you need.
    • Less stuff –> More simplicity in your decisions and your life.
  • Reorganizing to deal with mental issues:
    • Reorganizing your space can be the necessary first thing to tackle in your life. It is very easy to control, you are in charge.
    • It is a way to practice self-care and it can help you to transform your life.
  • Business ideas:
    • What do your friends ask you about? Could this skill/knowledge of yours turn into a business idea?
    • That idea under the shower, write it down, and act upon it, who knows where it can take you 😉.
    • Contact some test clients before starting your business – Check out the market demand (similar idea to a Minimum Viable Product).
  • Link with Personal Finances:
    • If you have visibility on your items at home, you will avoid buying things twice (or more) in the first place. That is a saving right there! 
    • Organizing your documents will eventually lead you to sort out your bills. You will then be able to optimize your subscriptions or even find those unused vouchers you got for your birthday last year 😅.
    • By starting the habit of organizing your stuff, you will naturally get your finances in order.
  • Where to start?
    • Realizing you need a change is the first step.
    • Online research: Don’t get overwhelmed, dedicate a time slot, and get support from someone to make you accountable.
    • Learn why it is important for you, get started and the habits will develop themselves.

Who is Siyana?

Siyana is a professional organizer based in Luxembourg and the founder of Before & After. She launched her organizing business in April 2021 next to her day job as a project manager for a large Swiss bank. Siyana continues working on taking her business further and remains open to collaborations on interesting projects. You can contact her at or via Instagram (@beforeafterlux).
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