On The Fastlane From Millennial To Millionaire with Paris

How Millenials can achieve their big financial goals

Announcement: I will take a break from the podcast, so there will not be any more episodes for an undefined period. I will publish a few more articles this month on the blog but will keep it quieter after that. Joney Talks! is not going anywhere (like Paris I do not want to keep it one hundred 😉), I simply want to rethink how I can serve you better to help you on your financial journey: Should I start a Youtube channel? Have video interviews? Launch a financial coaching practice? Focus on Luxembourg and Belgium only,…I’ll brainstorm ideas for myself but feedback and suggestions are welcome 😀.

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Paris from The Millennial to Millionaire Podcast.

Paris is a 26-year-old millennial on an ambitious mission to become a millionaire before age 30! Let me reassure you he did not start yesterday but 5 years ago.

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We will discuss his personal finance adventure so far, how and why he wants to become a millionaire and then we will move on to the financial issues millennials face today and how they can be overcome.

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This episode is for you if you want to achieve your big financial goals and live the lifestyle you want.

Key Takeaways:

  • Do your friends/people come to you with questions concerning a particular topic? If you are passionate about reading and being immersed in it, maybe it is time to start a podcast about it? 😁
  • Why become a millionaire?
    • It is not about riches and an extravagant lifestyle for Paris. It is all about freedom and achievement, freeing up your time for the things that are important to you.
  • Millennials and money issues?
    • Financial literacy remains an issue. If not taught at home, it remains difficult. (not linked to your socioeconomic status necessarily)
    • Debt is a big one.
    • Without the right mindset toward money, you will struggle to make good decisions.
    • What about the avocado toasts/lattes? This is not a struggle for Millennials, however, big-ticket items are: Education, a car, the first property, and so on.
  • Steps to improve your financial situation?
    • Keep track of your spending. What gets measured, gets managed. Ask yourself: Where is my money going? what debt do I currently owe? How much do I make?… In short, Where am I financially right now?
    • Set clear concrete financial goals that will help you forward (e.g. Save 1000 USD).
    • Remain consistent and learn more about money, increase that financial literacy as you progress on your journey.
  • Buy a home or invest in the stock markets?
    • Not a clear cut: This comes down to values, a lot of factors are involved. Ask yourself what is going to make you happy and what you value and then balance with what will be the best for your financial situation. Run the numbers, see the alternatives and make the choice that will make you feel the best.

Who is Paris?

Paris Grant works in the financial service industry and is the host of the Millennial to Millionaire Podcast. Currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is also finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Finance at Florida International University and is always looking for ways to connect with people and help people in their financial journeys. You can connect with him via LinkedIn or Twitter.
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Paris Grant


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