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My name is Jonathan, a happy Belgian currently living in Luxembourg. I started the blog when I lived in Paris (ooh la la), in 2017 I moved back to Oslo and I have now (May 2018) just moved to Luxembourg. I am fond of travelling, guitar, spending time with friends, snorkelling and diving, improving my foreign language skills and I am of course keen to improve my and your personal finances!

Before moving to Paris I have lived 9 years in Norway and owned property there, so even though most of my Real Estate knowledge comes from the Norwegian market I will try to be as broad as possible when discussing the topic.

Holding a Master in Business Engineering, I currently work as a procurement professional in the energy industry. I am thriving in this position as I am dealing with numbers, negotiating with suppliers and am in contact with many different departments within a project – perfect fit with my personality and academic background.

Throughout the last years I have felt invested (no pun intended) with a wish to bring these skills, experience and knowledge as well outside of my direct environment for you to benefit from it and help you conquer your financial dreams!

So once again welcome to Joney Talks! and please do connect with me on social media as well for more great content, check our FacebookInstagramTwitter, and join our e-mail list. I would love to connect with you!

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Disclaimer: Although I hold a degree as Msc in Business Engineering and am passionate about personal finance, I am not a licensed financial advisor. Always consult with a professional before making any major investment decision. The contents on this site are for informational, educational and entertainment purposes only and do not constitute financial, accounting, or legal advice.