How Gigi Empowers First Gen People Through Financial Literacy

And How She Grew Viral On TikTok

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Giovanna or “Gigi” from The First Gen Mentor.

Gigi is a first-generation American who recently left her 9-5 job to launch her Personal Finance business. Her goal is to empower first-gen Americans through financial literacy.

Mexican Family #collectivitst

Gigi will share with us how she came to launch her business thanks to Tik Tok in only a couple of months. And secondly, we will as well have a very eye-opening discussion on the financial struggles of first-generation people and how we can all support each other.

Let’s make finances more human, more compassionate, and sometimes maybe more community-based. Let’s find that balance.

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This episode is for you if you are looking to leverage/launch your business thanks to social media and this is as well for you if you are a first-gen person struggling with finances, we got you 😉!

Key Takeaways:

  • TikTok
    • You can gain followers pretty fast thanks to the virality of the platform (150K followers in approx 6 months 😲)
    • It all started with turning a negative event into a positive one with a video response.
    • She found how she could support her community and add voice to the conversation. This is what started it all.
    • TikTok is not Instagram: People get real, raw, and more authentic, there is a bigger human element to it (not only bragging and looking good).
    • Content strategy: Educational, inspiring, or entertaining (or a combination of the 3).
  • Opportunities that can come with TikTok
    • Teaching opportunities.
    • 1-on-1 consultation from followers.
    • Brands will reach out to promote their products/services.
    • Start as a side hustle and see where it takes you!
  • Finances
    • Gigi took a leap to leave her stable job but her finances were in order.
    • She spent time understanding money and had a full emergency fund plus an 8-month sabbatical fund.
  • First-Gen issues
    • You need to adjust to a new country and language. It takes time to adapt and learn how things work financially.
    • Collectivistic culture vs individualistic culture. It plays a big role in your finances.
    • You can still set boundaries and help yourself, take a pause and decide what is best for you.
    • How can “white” people help:
      • Acknowledge your privilege (inheritance, generational wealth…).
      • Use your platform to amplify the voices of BIPOC or first-gen creators.
      • Mentorship: If you find someone you resonate with, provide help or share resources.
  • Lessons for individualistic communities?
    • Adopt a micro-finance technique: Savings plan among the community.
    • Let’s make finances more human, more compassionate, and sometimes maybe more community-based. Let’s find that balance.

Who is Gigi?

Gigi is a first-generation American, first-generation college graduate, and first-generation white-collar professional. She is a financial education instructor, an aspiring author, and a content creator on TikTok (@thefirstgenmentor) where she reaches an audience of over 140,000. Her mission is to dismantle white supremacy through financial education and practical career advice for the first-gen and BIPOC community. You can contact her at She is based in Phoenix, AZ.
Giovanna Gonzalez #thefirstgenmentor
Giovanna “Gigi” Gonzalez


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