Can You Really Reach Financial Independence in Europe? with Mathias

Another Way to Reach Financial Independence.

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Mathias from The Financial Independence Europe Podcast.

I am a regular listener to his podcast and if you live in Europe, I highly recommend it to you as well. He was recently featured in a documentary on Financial Independence on a French-German channel (Arte). In this documentary, he opens the doors to his house and to his journey to financial independence. I hope it will inspire people to see that it is possible to adjust their finances or their lifestyle to live a life closer to what they value.

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We will reflect back on the documentary and Mathias will share his views and his way to reach financial independence in Europe. We will go into detail on his daily expenses (even his rent and mobility budget) and of course his investment strategy 😀! (Spoiler alert: it is not the “usual” buy ETFs and chill method)

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This episode is for you if you are curious about reaching financial independence in Europe and you want to hear a real story of how a german family of four is working on it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Financial independence according to Mathias (it will be different for you).
    • Working is also living. The dependence on income or money can be a problem (if you are fired, you have no more income), the goal is to unbundle income and job.
    • Working on what you want and get more ownership of the work. Not necessarily focusing on Early Retirement.
    • Being financially secure.
    • Being able to take a break and be prepared in case of medical expenses etc
    • In short: Financial Independence = Creating options.
  • How to Reach Financial Independence (FI)?
    • The recipe is simple: Reduce expenses, increase income, increase your savings rate, and then invest.
    • Tweak it in a way that fits your life situation, personal preferences, and values.
  • Daily expenses
    • Optimize your groceries, rent, and mobility costs (Car sharing? Bike rentals? Evaluate on a case by case)
    • Monitor the costs but do not overthink the process, it can take precious headspace.
  • Investing:
    • There is no one way to reach financial independence, it is not only “Invest in ETFs and Chill”.
    • It can be hard in certain European countries to reach financial independence, as taxation may impact your return.
    • Taking opportunities in the stock markets and crypto can help you on your way as well.
  • Get started
    • Read books on personal finance.
    • If you are a woman, read a book written by a female author this might motivate you more. (Look for Jen Sincero You Are a Badass at Making Money, Work Optional, etc) 

Who is Mathias?

Mathias is 38 years, a dad of 2, based in Cologne, and works as an IT strategy consultant during the day. At night he organizes several meetups concerning financial digitization, Cashflow Game, and of course the Financial Independence Meetup in Berlin and Cologne. He is also the host of the Financial Independence Europe Podcast. Mathias got a very sensitive instinct for trends. For his first MeetUp, only 10 people showed up. Last time, more than 100 people joined – even though he hadn’t even published the agenda. Mathias is interested in investing ever since his parents bought him the famous German Telekom stocks and failed dramatically in the 1990s. He learned from their mistakes and developed his personal distinct investment strategy which consists of stocks but also more daring investments such as funding start-ups and P2P. The podcast listeners will benefit from his huge experience and will laugh about his dry sense of humor.
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