Is a location independent career for you? A story of discoveries, personal finance blogging, and culture shocks

Hello friends,

I have had the privilege to be interviewed by Laurie from The Three Year Experiment. Laurie is running a very cool blog where she is going through her three year journey to achieve the below goals with her family all while travelling:

  1. Double our net worth. 
  2.  Get jobs we can do abroad
  3. Get ready to move.

If subjects as personal finance, travelling, location independence, cultural shocks, international career appeal to you, I recommend you go follow her blog!

Oslo Fjord 2006, Jonathan Verhaeghe

When it comes to living abroad and pursuing an international career, well I am definitely one of Laurie´s ideal reader! And after I engaged by commenting on her excellent article Are you Camp Earning or Camp Saving? She reached out to me, we had a Skype interview and here is the result! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it myself!

Are you willing to take a leap at working and travelling abroad like Laurie and me? What is holding you back if that is your wish? Besides personal finance, travelling and working abroad is fascinating to me so I´d be happy to exchange on that! Let me know below!





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