The journey to your dream job abroad

Hello friends,

If you read this previous post you now know that I have moved from Oslo (Norway) to Luxembourg last year to pursue my location-independent career.

I had actually started to write about the whole adventure of finding a new job in a new country as I wanted to share my tips with anyone looking at pursuing his/her career abroad.

My new home town: Luxembourg, Jonathan Verhaeghe

At the same time, I got in touch with Daniella from I Like To Dabble since she was looking for guest posters for her very cool website. She created it to help others “side hustling to pay off debt, live a more sustainable lifestyle, and strive for a future of financial freedom”.

If subjects as frugal and thrifty living, financial tips, travelling for cheap or free, alternative lifestyles such as minimalism and tiny living, creative ways to save extra money and make extra money, side hustles, creative careers, and of course, blogging. appeal to you, I recommend you go check out her website!

Anyway, this was the perfect push to get my article done and a great opportunity to share my story and tips with her readers as well!

So without further ado, here it is friends: How To Find Your Dream Job Abroad!

(The article contains as well excellent tips for those looking at changing jobs “locally”, so make sure you go through the key takeaways at least)

If you are looking at changing career I wish you all the best in your journey. I hope my tips will help you and if you have further questions please feel free to reach out to me through FacebookInstagramTwitter, or join our e-mail list. I would love to connect with you!

PS: Don’t forget to share the article with a friend currently looking at changing jobs!

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