Manage Your Finances as an Artist or Musician in 2021 with Jessie

You are Still an Artist Even if You Have a Day Job!

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Jessie from Metalhead Money.

We met on Twitter and we connected well since we both have a passion for personal finance and rock/metal music. Although by normal standards she has a full-time job and performs music on the side, She is a full-time artist (this will make sense throughout the episode).

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Jessie will share her money lessons from her many years of experience as an artist. We will deal with how to organize your finances and monetize your art, how you can stand out as an artist today, and finally how you should consider your day job and identity as an artist.

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This episode is for you if you are already a creator looking at improving your finances and as well if you are looking at developing your art and monetize it.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can create content around your niche, there is still room for you. Jessie managed to write a practical personal finance book for musicians with puns and specifics for her niche.
  • Money is not about being smart:
    • Everyone makes mistakes.
    • Retirement account: Read the fine print or get help to make sure you make the right choice for yourself.
  • Making money as an artist:
    • Bands do not always make money solely from music (artists often have a regular job).
    • Look at building several streams of income: Youtube channel, Patreon,…
    • Stand out by creating personal connections and use modern communication tools (e.g. social media and e-mail lists). This will ensure a steady source of income.
    • If you make side hustle money (through freelancing for example): Set that money aside and pour it into other hobbies.
  • How to get started.
    • Carve time out of your schedule to really focus on your vision, on your art 
    • Look at your job as a patron of your passion, not a hindrance. (Have that positive outlook and stop complaining 😉)
    • Build a Social media presence.
    • Enjoy the process! (do not only focus on money) 
  • You are still an artist even if you have a day job! So go and create whatever inspires you to share with the world! You are an artist!

Who is Jessie?

Jessie May is a librarian, musician, and writer based in Connecticut, USA. She is currently balancing life as a new mom with playing in underground bands and editing the blogs Alternative Control and Metalhead Money.  Find her writing and music here:

Jessie #metalheadmoney
Jessie May


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