How to Handle Your Finances During The Covid-19 Crisis

The Covid 19 or Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly at a fast pace across every country in the world. This has had a tremendous impact so far for the infected people, the way we live our daily lives, the global economy, and our finances.

Here are the topics I am discussing today :

The most important: Your health
Practicing gratitude every day. This is something I have been doing for a few years and for me, this has helped me to gain more mental strength a bigger desire to do good and less desire to do harm. Try it for one month and let me know how it went. This will also help you to be less subject to panic. And on that note I invite you to watch an excellent video on the topic by Matt D’Avella, How to deal with uncertainty. 
Emergency funds, the crucial piece of your personal finances in a crisis. Check out as well these excellent tips from my friend Jacob: Emergency Budget: How to Budget During a Pandemic.
 We’ll recap some useful financial definitions: Recessions, bear markets and Black Swan events.
Stock Markets: What should you do? Is it the right time to get started? Which stocks should I buy?
Let’s help each other, every little gesture can go a long way so let’s behave and care for our neighbors (let’s not behave like the douche that hoards 400 rolls of toilet paper at the supermarket,…)
More How to Handle Your Finances During The Covid-19 Crisis