Building The Future of Investing with Artem

Why Farmland and What Makes It Worth The Title “The Future of Investing”? In today’s episode, we will speak to Artem Milinchuk the founder and CEO of FarmTogether. Farm Together is a crowdfunding platform for farmland investing. Farmland investing entails investing in land housing a variety of crops, such as cornfields, that produce corn and wheat … More Building The Future of Investing with Artem

Bond Basics for Beginners

Today, we will talk about the b-word.
Bonds! (What were you thinking?)
Let’s banter about the beautiful, bountiful, brilliant world of bonds! Alliterations are fun. Bonds may get a bad rap for being boring and basic, but they are certainly beneficial for a balanced portfolio.
My friend Liz will help us understand the basics of bonds: What they are and how they work, how they differ from stocks, what the risks are, etc.
More Bond Basics for Beginners