Dear Friend,

My name is Jonathan and welcome to Joney Talks!

So what is Joney Talks all about? Yes you guessed right, we are going to talk about money, dollars, dinero, cash, “Fun Coupons”, pieces o’ eight, the Root of All Evil…whatever you call it.

As a child I was interested in cars and wanted to save a money in order to buy a Porsche as soon as I would have my driver´s licence. I graduated as a Business Engineer (Ingenieur de Gestion in French) and as per today and aged 35 I still do not own a Porsche nor a driver´s licence, I however have kept my interest in understanding how to make a good living and how money works. My wishes of gathering so much money that I could dive in a money vault like Uncle Scrooge have changed as well over the years.


The reason for starting this blog is that I have been surprised by many things I have heard/seen in the recent years around me.

  • A good friend of mine that is a leading engineer in his field asked me to explain how the stock markets worked
  • A colleague told me the absurd thing (to my meaning) that she would not buy an appartement and be “stuck”, she would rather keep her money to travel to far places.
  • Another friend with an important position at her firm has a plan of saving money to purchase an appartement within 5 years, this is a plan I support but 5 years seems too long to me. Can we make this shorter?
  • Investing responsibly has become more popular.
  • People have different ways of dealing with it, to some it is really taboo.
  • I am a strong believer in talking about money in a healthy way!

My goal with this blog is to help US

  1. Understand the basics of money (what is a stock? How is money created? What is an interest rate?…)
  2. Talk about it in a healthy way (debates on Money and ethics, in which company should I invest? )
  3.  Attain our financial goals (Real Estate, passive source of income,…)

I hope you will enjoy the blog and achieve positive results!

With the best regards,