How To Help Ukraine Right Now

While Personal Finance is about saving and investing, it is also about giving. You do not need to (and cannot) give to every single cause but what I have found to be helpful is to give to a cause that speaks to you.

This post is not meant to be political but since I have many great Ukrainian friends from the times I lived in Norway, I felt compelled to help through this channel.

Here are a few verified ways to help Ukraine at the moment:

Hope #stopthewar
Hope by Natacha Einat
  • Luxembourg
  • Norway: UKRAINSK forening i Norge use Vipps 718915 – The funds will be used for humanitarian help.
  • My own initiative, I created two designs that can be printed on tote bags, pins, t-shirts,… and you can purchase the articles here: Joney Boutique on Red Bubble, all the proceeds will go to the Ukrainian Red Cross (where I have already donated for transparency)
  • Keep praying for the situation and…

Slava Ukraini!


☝️Pro-Tip: Depending on the organization and taxation rules in your country, donations to qualified organizations can be tax-deductible too. Make sure you keep track of the donations you make. and actually, this could be also an incentive to help you give more! (Your donations plus what you will receive back from the government)

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