Get More Out Of Your Side Hustle with Mike

Time is Money, Baby!

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Mike Cavaggioni from Average Joe Finances.

We met through several personal finance communities and although he leads a busy life, he is a pro side hustler! He runs a podcast, is a finance coach, holds a real estate license, and is a father of 2 next to his career in the Navy.

time is money #sidehustle
Time is Money, Baby!

After discussing his background and setting the scene, we will tackle the topic of side hustling: Why he started these side activities, what some of the non-monetary benefits are, how Mike manages himself around time (yes, I did not write “manages his time” on purpose 😉) and finally we will talk about skills and opportunities side hustles can bring along with them.

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This episode is for you if you are currently looking at making side income through a side hustle or for those who are currently side hustling, and want to get more out of it!

Key Takeaways:

  • Money management:
    • Keeping separate accounts can bring clarity in your finances: Vet accounts, Birthday and holiday funds, an emergency fund, fun money, etc. No need to split into as many accounts, but I like to keep a few separate accounts too.
  • Side hustling
    • It brings money: If you are good at what you do, after a while you can consult other people too.
    • Side hustling you can learn a lot and it can bring new opportunities.
    • The goal is not only monetary, having an impact is even more important.
  • Time management : 
    • You need to manage yourself around time, you can’t change time.
    • Outsource as much as you can to avoid stress from the hustle itself.
    • Use tools to plan content for content creators
    • Work on the process and improve it to save your precious time.
  • Acquiring Skills : 
    • Bring your professional skills to your side hustle.
    • With the side hustle, Mike improved his people skills for example and his network is growing.
    • Golden tip: You will learn a lot from the people you talk to and coach: Keep your mind and brain open and always learn.
    • It can become a full-time activity (freelancers)
  • Time is Money, baby!

Who is Mike?

Mike Cavaggioni is originally from Long Island, NY, and currently living in Ewa Beach, HI. He enlisted in the Navy in 2002 at the age of 17 and completed 9.5 years before commissioning as a Naval Officer. In conjunction with his Navy career, Mike is a licensed REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, Finance Coach, and Podcast Coach. With his military retirement approaching, his focus shifted to financial independence and entrepreneurship.

Mike is the founder of Average Joe Finances. He started the website as a blog to share his journey in getting out of debt while becoming financially independent. He later started hosting the Average Joe Finances Podcast. The show is now a top 1% global podcast and growing! Mike’s focus is to provide information that will help others in their own financial independence journey.

Mike Cavagionni #averagejoefinances #personalfinance
Mike Cavaggioni


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