How to Spend Your Money Guilt-Free On The Things You Love with Larry (And Many Others!)

Money is Also There to be Spent, Enjoy it!

Today is this season’s last podcast episode. Like last year, I am taking a break from podcasting for the summer and the show will be back in September with new fresh interviews. I will nevertheless remain active on social media and will publish a couple of articles on the blog throughout the summer. I’d like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to someone that has helped me a lot behind the scenes and that is Giacomo, my editor. Grazie Mille Giacomo for the good cooperation this year! And as well to thank you all for spending your valuable time listening to the show, sending in questions and topic requests, and sharing episodes around you! It all means a lot to me!

Today’s episode is a two-part episode tackling the topic of spending money guilt-free. In the first part, we will speak to a “regular” guest as usual and for the second part, I have asked a couple of friends (past guests) to send in their Pro Tip on spending money guilt-free on the things they love.

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Today’s main guest is my friend Lawrence “Larry” from Mitlin Financial. He is a CFP and wealth advisor with 20+ years in the financial industry.

Saving and investing your hard-earned money is important but spending is important as well! And this is what we will talk about: How you can spending money on things/experiences you value without negative feelings!

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This episode is for you if you know what you want to spend your money on but you sometimes second-guess yourself and even feel guilty about it.

Who is Larry?

Lawrence “Larry” Sprung, CFP® is the Founder and Wealth Advisor at Mitlin Financial, Inc. In addition, he is the host of the Mitlin Money Mindset which is a podcast about the mindset needed to successfully plan for and live your best life. Larry is also is a mental health advocate and has helped raise over $1.5MM for the Keith Milano Memorial Fund at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. You can reach Larry and his firm, Mitlin Financial, through all social media channels or their Contact Us page.

Lawrence Sprung Mitlin Financial
Lawrence “Larry” Sprung


Round-up on Spending Money Guilt-free:


Sandy Mavutive YOutube Personal Finance

Likes to spend money on: VACATION, VACATION, VACATION, skincare, and wellness/relaxing activities

Pro-tip: Create a wishlist on your phone with images and price tags, make a plan for how you will afford the items (maybe add an extra budget pot). Enjoy both fine things and beautiful experiences. All in all, Life is now.

Where you can find her: Mavutive Personal Finance & Lifestyle

Our interview: How to Reach Financial Independence The Belgian Way with Sandy


Steve Cummings the Frugal expat #frugalexpat #taiwan #frugality
Steve Cummings

Likes to spend money on: Travel – New sites, new food, and new cultures.

Pro-tip: Spend money on things you value. What is something you value?

Where you can find him: The Frugal Expat

Our interview: Live a Life of Value, An Introduction To The Frugal Lifestyle with Steve


Wellnes and Wanderlust Valerie Moses
Valerie Moses

Likes to spend money on: Books and travel.

Pro-tip: Think about your purchases in terms of how many hours you need to work. Is this item worth all those hours of work?

Where you can find her: Wellness & Wanderlust

Our interview: How Physical Wellness, Mental Health, and Finances Go Hand in Hand with Valerie


Brian Thorp Wealthtender
Brian Thorp

Likes to spend money on: Experiences that create lasting memories.

Pro-tip: Be intentional with your spending, be thoughtful, not impulsive. For the more costly items, take time and think hard if the purchase is going to be worth it. This can help you feel more confident and better about it for many days, weeks, (even years) after the purchase.

Where you can find him: Wealthtender

Our interview: Why Human Interaction Still Matters For Financial Advice with Brian


Anissa Outrospection podcast

Likes to spend money on: Good food (healthy, organic and fresh food) and creating memories

Pro-tip: Spend less than you earn, you will not put yourself in a difficult situation.

Where you can find her: Outrospection

Our interview: How to go from a Scarcity to an Abundance Money Mindset with Anissa


Millenials With Money Jonny

Likes to spend money on: Take-out meals and restaurants, clothing and sports equipment.

Pro-tip: Plan it in your budget.

Where you can find him: Millenials With Money

Our interview: Pursuing Financial Independence as a Millennial in Europe with Jonny


Ilona #moneymeories #podcast #bearandthebull

Likes to spend money on: Haircare and quality hair products.

Pro-tip: Buy quality products that last longer.

Where you can find her: Bear and The Bull

Our interview: Exploring Money Memories: From Bear to Bull with Ilona


sebastien aguilar, FIREBelgium
Sébastien Aguilar

Likes to spend money on: Family, freedom, and impact.

Pro-tip: Figure out what you value most and spend on that.

Where you can find him: FIREBelgium

Our interview: The Simple Path to Financial Independence with Sébastien


Francesca Pogliani Deskover
Francesca Pogliani

Likes to spend money on: Food, traveling, and learning.

Pro-tip: Ask yourself “Do I really need this?” and “Don’t I have something similar already?”

Where you can find her: Deskover

Our interview: How to Start your Business While You’re Still Employed with Francesca


Alex Mason Stock Story Teller
Alex Mason

Likes to spend money on: Books.

Pro-tip: Look at reviews on Amazon and look for second-hand copies.

Where you can find him: Stock Story Teller

Our interview: How to Start Investing in Individual Stocks with Alex

Nomad Numbers

Nomad Numbers Slow travel Malaysia FIRE
Mr. & Mrs. Nomad Numbers

Likes to spend money on: Experiences – Travel the world, Food, taking a cooking class, attending performances.

Pro-tip: Ask yourself “Does that purchase add significant value to my life?” If yes, go ahead with the purchase!

Where you can find him: Nomad Numbers

Our interview: An Introduction to Slow Traveling with Mr. Nomad Numbers


Milan Kovacevic Askfinny
Milan Kovacevic

Likes to spend money on: Food that you enjoy and cannot make at home like sushi for example.

Pro-tip: Spend money on something you enjoy and cannot make yourself!

Where you can find him: Finny

Our interview: How to Become Financially Fit with Milan

How I spend money guilt-free

Joney Talks #podcast #blog #personalfinance

I like to spend money on: Music in general, guitar equipment (A new guitar will solve all your problems 😁) and food and travel experiences.

Pro-tip: Open a separate account for your guilt-free spending.

Bringing it all together

Find out what you value, be intentional about what you want to spend your money on, and then have a plan for it.

Have a great summer, I wish you safe travels (if that is what you value of course 😉) and now you know how to spend money guilt-free, go and spend that money! 😀

Let me know what it is you value! I will be curious to hear as well!

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