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In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Alisa.

Next to being a good friend for many years, she is a brilliant career coach and excels at illustrating how she helps her clients as you will hear. If you work in a corporate job, you have probably been there: Performing and delivering beyond expectations and even hinting to your manager that you look for a move up but somehow when the time came you were passed over for that next promotion.

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This is exactly what we will tackle today: How you can position yourself for that next career move in ways you may not have heard of before (Spoiler alert: It is not about preparing a salary review meeting 2 weeks before said meeting). Alisa will give some precious advice that you can start applying today and I also invite you to do the small mental exercise she proposes during the conversation, it will really help you visualize certain situations at the workplace (and elsewhere).

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This episode is for you if you keep applying for relevant jobs or hope for that next promotion but somehow get passed over!

Key Takeaways:

  • Salary negotiation:
    • The decision is made a long time before your meeting (new job or promotion), it happens gradually (actually 364 days before)
    • To raise awareness around you about your potential and have an impact on the perception of others it can easily take between 3-6 months when you have a plan.
    • Getting a raise is not only about performance at work and putting in the hours and effort. You need to show you are ready to move up.
  • Perception:
    • Pay attention to your language verbal and non-verbal
    • Authority is established in a group of people within a couple of seconds
      • Observe senior people in meetings
      • Take space: Have an open posture, lean back, spread stuff on the table, take ownership of the space
      • Your posture also affects your mental state
      • Project confidence from within (be calm, non-emotional)
      • Maintain eye-contact longer
      • Make small changes with your non-verbal communication!
    • Clothing: It all depends on context and environment, dress like you already have the job you want « fake it til you make it » 
  • Language:
    • We are born with it, we use it subconsciously but you can learn to improve it.
    • A very important tool to communicate authority and potential
    • How do you explain your role and achievements? Being humble is nice but may lead you to use weaker words.
    • Even people in the high ranks struggle
  • Labor market: Expect big changes and new types of jobs so be ready!
  • You need to understand the value you bring to the company. Show your skill, your value at the workplace to create the visibility you want. « If you do not perceive yourself as the boss, no one ever will »

Who is Alisa?

Alisa T. Jensen is a career coach, LinkedIn expert, and the founder of HR EKSPERTENE. Alisa works with ambitious individuals, helping them define and communicate their “market value”, strengthen their professional brand and build fulfilling careers. Apart from one-to-one coaching, Alisa designs and runs intensive training programs like LINKEDIN VISIBILITY BOOTCAMP™ and POWER WOMAN™. You can contact her through her webpage or via LinkedIn.
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Alisa T. Jensen


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