Live a Life of Value, An Introduction To The Frugal Lifestyle with Steve

Bring Value To Yourself And To Your Life For The Long Term

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Steve from The Frugal Expat.

Steve is a personal finance blogger I met through Twitter. It is only at the age of 30 that he started to get more interested in saving and investing. He certainly read a lot of blogs on the topic (and as well on traveling) and little by little this led him to write about it now to help others with their money questions as well.

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As the name of his blog implies we will talk about frugality: What that means, the difference between frugality and being cheap, the benefits of frugality, and how you can embrace a frugal lifestyle.

This is a lifestyle I have adopted myself for a long time now (but it was not always the case 😅) and I think more of us should too. So yes, I am very excited to share this conversation with you!

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This episode is for you if are curious about frugality, or perhaps you already started to embrace this lifestyle but most importantly if you want to live a life more true to yourself (and not the life others want from you).

Key Takeaways:

  • Frugality:
    • Good value and a below-market purchase price. Getting value but getting a deal out of it.
    • Frugality is all about bringing value to yourself and to your life for the long term.
  • Frugality vs being cheap:
    • Cheap: Living fast and quick.
    • Cheap: Focusing only on a low price, frugality focuses on value.
    • Cheap: For the short-term. Frugality: For the long-term. Products that last for a longer time (and if possible bought at a discount or second hand).
    • For more differences, read this previous article on the subject: Frugal Vs Cheap – What is the Difference?
  • Frugality tips:
    • Look for second-hand products (Marketplace, eBay, local second-hand websites,…)
    • For food? Look at white label products, bargain deals at farmer’s markets, buy premium/cheaper products depending on the final use.
    • Cut on things that you do not find value in your life
    • Consider: Am I saving time or money? Make a decision now, make it happen, and do not look back 😀.
  • What to do with the saved up money
    • Invest it! Do not save it in the bank (unless you do not have an emergency fund yet).
    • Think about it the 200 euros/dollar you saved will multiply over the long term and bring more value to your life 
    • One small effort –> Big impact on your money
  • Tips to live a life of value
    • Is this purchase bringing value to your life? Yes, good. No, cut it out.
    • Think about what and why you are buying an item. 
    • Have a value for each item you own.
    • Frugality is not about deprivation it is about enjoying your money more and bringing more value to your life 🙌!

Who is Steve?

Steve is a personal finance blogger for the blog He is currently based in Taiwan with his wife, Sarah. (They love it) At this time, Steve works as an English Teacher in New Taipei City educating 5th graders in English hoping they grow and learn. He is an avid hiker, camper, and outdoors adventure person with the fire inside of him to travel as much of the world as possible. You can contact him through his contact page, or via Twitter.

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