An Update on Real Estate Crowdfunding and Investing in Moldovan Real Estate with Tanel

2020: A Good Year For The European Real Estate Crowdfunding Industry

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Tanel the CEO of Reinvest24.

Reinvest24 is an Estonian real-estate crowdfunding platform that has been on the market for a little over 3 years (I have used it for about 1 year now without any issues).

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Tanel will give us an update on the Real Estate Crowdfunding space in Europe and how the platforms have performed during the last turbulent year. He will also provide us with an update on Reinvest24 and why they are now expanding to Spain and Moldova!

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This episode is for you if you are keen to invest in Real Estate Crowdfunding and ready to explore uncharted territories 😄.

Key Takeaways:

  • Real Estate:
    • Estonia: Transactions are picking up in 2021 in Estonia, developers are confident.
    • Rest of Europe, not yet as enthusiastic.
    • Residential Real Estate is on the front line. Commercial RE is behind: There is less hurry, businesses have time to wait for a deal compared to people looking for a home.
    • Offices: Tanel believes they still present an attractive opportunity for post-Covid times. And currently, people rent out office spaces instead of rooms for tourism on Airbnb.
  • Good year for crowdfunding platforms:
    • Investors are more educated and more cautious (not only high risks and high returns promises) understand risks better.
    • Purge year: All platforms that did not handle risks well (overpromised on high yields, buyback guarantees,…) are in a bad situation.
    • The first rule for investors: Do not lose your capital.
  • Reinvest expanding: 
    • Spain: Reinvest24 develops the projects themselves (not via third parties). After a tough year, the environment is favorable for investing (tax for developers reduced from 12% to 4%). Valencia is an interesting region to invest in.
    • Moldova: Difficult market to enter for Real Estate. It is on its way to enter the EU. Tanel and his team are expecting growth, good yields and believe it makes for attractive investments as the economy is growing rapidly and real estate prices are increasing.
    • The partner company is Kirsan if you want to do more research.
  • Crowdfunding regulations in the EU will be enforced at the end of the year. 
    • Makes the process easier for the platforms 
    • Retail investors: Increase protection
  • “The problem is not the problem the problem is your attitude to the problem” – Captain Jack Sparrow.

Who is Tanel?

Tanel has been the CEO of for 2 years now (from the launch of the platform). Before Reinvest24 he worked for LHV asset management for 4 years. He graduated from Estonian Business School and he is an entrepreneur by heart. Tanel has been interested in finance and investing since he was a teenager. He has lived and worked in Australia and the USA for some period of his life.
Tanel Orro CEO of Reinvest24 Estonia #reinvest24 #P2Plending
Tanel Orro

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4 thoughts on “An Update on Real Estate Crowdfunding and Investing in Moldovan Real Estate with Tanel

  1. Awesome episode, Jonathan! I was following Reinvest24 for quite some time already and the team is doing great job! Excited to see how they will develop in future. By now, I have increased my positions here.

    1. Hello Bastian, Thanks for stopping by and the nice comment. Reinvest24 has certainly gained my trust and I see them as one of the most reliable platforms available for the time being. Did you try a Moldovan project 😀?

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