Empowering Women (and Men) Financially with Your Best Financial Friend Gaëlle

Let’s Get Educated on Finance, Bridge the Pay Gap and Start to Invest!

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Gaëlle the CEO of StarTalers.

StarTalers is a Luxembourg-based fintech company that has developed a sustainable investing platform and that aims at empowering women with regards to their finances.

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The consequences are enormous for your capital at retirement!

We will discuss several interesting topics: The pay gap between men and women (and how we can bridge that gap), why it is even more important for women to take back control over their finances and why women are better investors than men. Gaëlle will of course share the WHY? behind  StarTalers and how StarTalers is creating a better future through sustainable finance for both men and women.

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This episode is for you if you feel underpaid at work and do not know how to address the issue (Gaëlle’s story is pretty compelling) and as well if you have not yet started to work on your financial goals. And I repeat the issues apply to us both men and women 😉!

Key Takeaways:

  • Facts that puts women at a disadvantage financially:
    • Earning potential: The pay gap, they follow a less linear and a less lucrative one.
    • Save more proportionally but less in absolute value.
    • Only 10% of women invest.
    • –> 40% capital gap at retirement and they live longer!
    • Lack of visible role models in the financial space: “You cannot be what you cannot see”.
  • There is no focus on financial education while growing up. It is not viewed as a skill, one learns by coincidence.
  • Statistically, women very rarely negotiate their salary.
    • Bridge the gap: Investigate, probe, and compare salaries with your colleagues to see if it is fair. Money/salary is taboo but if you do not talk about it, the unfair system will keep on.
  • The hard part is to get women to start investing and once they start they are better investors than men:
    • Focus on Longer-term investing
    • Less focus on speculative investments and/or trading.
    • On average they get 1-2% better net performance than men.
  • It s easy to trade on an app (BuxZero, Robinhood,…) but it does not mean that your long-term goals will be met.
    • Education is key to build confidence.
    • Loss aversion: You will be 2 times more pissed off by losing 100 than making 200. The more you open your app, the higher the probability that you will sell (message in your head – I am losing, I am losing,…). Remember you are in it for the long term, so let that dip in the market pass and go live your life 😀!

Who is Gaelle?

Gaëlle is the CEO and founder of StarTalers, a fintech company that has developed a sustainable investing platform capitana.app as well as a monthly newsletter on investing and sustainable finance. One of StarTaler’s missions is to be women’s BFF – best financial friend – to empower women to take ownership of their financial future and invest with purpose. She is Belgo-Luxembourgish and lives in Luxembourg with her husband and 2 daughters. The best way to reach her is through Linkedin.
Gaelle Haag #startalers
Gaëlle Haag


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