Pursuing Financial Independence as a Millennial in Europe with Jonny

Buy a Vanguard ETF and Chill? Not exactly

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Jonny from the Youtube channel Millennials with Money.

Jonny is a British “pan-European” millennial currently living in Spain. He is a financial professional by day and as a side activity, he is helping millennials with their money through his educational online content.

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Can you retire early and sip beers at the playa?

We will cover several interesting topics today: Reaching financial independence in Europe as a millennial, how that path differs from the “classic” American way (Buy a Vanguard ETF and chill). We will also discuss some of the difficulties we have over here but as well some of the great advantages we have and Jonny will tell us his secret to delay gratification in our society of overconsumption.

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This episode is for you if you want to know more about reaching financial independence in Europe regardless if you are a millennial or not.

Key Takeaways:

  • FIRE (Financial Independent, Retire Early) movement in Europe: The universal principles apply but there is less visibility than in the US due to the market fragmentation. Every country is different and so are the tax systems and tax-advantaged solutions for each country. Also, the blogger/influencer scene is fragmented with the different languages.
  • Steps that Jonny is taking towards FI: Investing in stocks and other investment vehicles. He follows a strict budget and contributes to his future every month as per his time-based goals 
  • Pro-Tip: Grow and learn about money together with your friends through a Whatsapp group.  
  • Money Management tips:
    • Start by asking yourself questions and define your goals and time horizon for investing. Starting with these questions will kick off your journey.
    • Money education should be all about transparency. Be very wary of “Get rich quick” promises (Do these people need to show both their losses and wins?). Investing is a long-term process that should be boring. One main rule is: Time in the market will deliver much better results than trying to time the market. Time in the market > Timing the market.
    • Fun investing is allowed provided that it is a small part of your overall portfolio.
    • Read books or articles outside the hype first to get the foundation right.
  • Delay gratification: Follow strict criteria (similar to Kanwal‘s investing approach), strict rules, and focus on your long-term plan.

Who is Jonny?

Millennials With Money was created in 2019 by Jonny, a young finance professional, and keen personal finance and investing enthusiast. Millennials With Money has evolved from a simple web blog into a YouTube channel and has amassed close to 1000 followers across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Jonny grew up in the U.K. but has lived in France and Spain, and is passionate about promoting financial literacy in Millennials and other young people across the whole of Europe.
Millenials With Money Jonny


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  1. It’s an interesting perspective, especially one that we don’t see a lot here in the US. Systems are very different across the pond and its nice to see the other options out there!

    1. Hey Willionaire, thanks for listening and yes Europe offers a lot of diversity 😉. Cool name Willionaire hehe

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