How to Start your Business While You’re Still Employed with Francesca

How side hustling can benefit your career

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Francesca Pogliani, the Co-Founder of Deskover.

Deskover is an online marketplace in Luxembourg that lists available desk spaces at coworking places. This is made for lifelong learners who want a place to study or side hustlers who want to work undistracted. Francesca runs it next to her full-time job.

desk studying

She will share the story behind Deskover, how she manages her time between her full-time occupation, this “side hustle” and her social life. She will also discuss her approach to discipline and motivation and as well provide valuable tips for you if you want to launch your company next to your full-time job.

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This episode is for you if you are thinking of launching your business next to your current job (and as well if you want to hear about “side hustling” in Europe)

Key Takeaways:

  • Time Management:
    • Work the amount of time you are paid for at your full-time job, do the maximum in that time, and be as efficient as possible (side hustle or not).
    • In general: Be obsessed with planning and be selective with your free time.
  • Side hustling:
    • Skills can blend with your day job and add value, The creativity you develop on the side can add value to your full-time job.
    • A problem in your daily life can become an opportunity for business creation.
  • Motivation: Discipline is more important than motivation. You will not always be motivated and energetic. The volleyball example is striking: When she was playing in a team, Francesca and her teammates showed up at the winter trainings with the championship in mind. 
  • Pro Tips:
    • Talk about your idea 
    • Talk to the community, you need support in the ecosystem. (Your friends and family will not understand that it is as important as your full-time job). 
    • Be structured from the beginning and go ahead with the practical steps.
  • Being successful with your side venture is all I wish for you, but find the right balance for you. What is success without the important people in your life? 😉.

Who is Francesca?

Francesca is a mechanical engineer who works as a sustainability consultant in PwC. She also runs Based in Luxembourg for 4 years, she lived in different countries before, among which the Netherlands, Sweden, and Italy, her home country. She worked as a researcher, then as an employee of a manufacturing company, and now as a consultant, next to her entrepreneurial journey. You can contact her through her contact page or via LinkedIn

Francesca Pogliani Deskover
Francesca Pogliani


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