Start Your Successful Side Hustle While Keeping Your Day Job with Daniella

Generate extra cash during this pandemic!

In today’s episode, we will speak to my good friend Daniella “The Side Hustle Queen” from I Like To Dabble.

Daniella is a software engineer who started her blog on side hustles in 2017 as a creative outlet. She has been helping her readers to generate more side income and redefine their options (careers, life changes, etc). When it comes to her streams of income, she has been unstoppable ever since she earned her first dollar through her website: she has expanded both her income and the number of income streams.

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Daniella will share how it all started for her, how she currently earns money from 12 income streams (!), what her goals are and how you can get started with a side hustle that fits your needs/preferences even in the ongoing pandemic.

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This episode is for you if you are looking at making extra money on the side to reach your financial goals!

Key Takeaways:

  • Side hustling:
    • It takes a lot of time but after a while, you can delegate some of the tasks.
    • Be mindful with your time to avoid burn-out: Set boundaries for yourself and force some time off.
    • Brain dump what is in your head: Skills, side hustles you saw or heard of
    • Do an online personality test to see which side hustle could fit for you.
    • For online side hustles: Look at freelancing opportunities (check Facebook groups) and virtual assistant jobs (indicative rate 35 USD/hour).  
    • If you have kids try to schedule a time where they can be taken care of and explore ways to create digital products: photo filters, printable, ebooks,…
  • Opportunities in a pandemic:
    • Online teacher, tutoring, teaching your language online, (teach guitar?), Walk dogs with apps like Rover (available in Europe as well), or do pet-sitting. 
    • Flipping items you are knowledgeable about (Furniture, guitars,…)
    • Avoid Amazon dropshipping (saturated and hard to get profits)
  • Contact a local accountant/entrepreneur bureau and see what rules apply to you in terms of tax regulations (when do you start paying taxes?) and company structure (sole proprietorship, LLC,…)
  • I liked Daniella’s goal to stack up the work and create those multiple streams of income now so you do not have to work later.

Who is Daniella?

Daniella Flores is a software engineer and sidepreneur. She started as a creative outlet between back-to-back layoffs in 2017. After she earned her first $1 from it, she vowed to never rely on one source of income again. 4 years later her site has gone on to become an award-winning and globally recognized resource helping others to create multiple streams of income and take back more control in their lives, careers, and futures.
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Daniella Flores


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