How to Overcome Your Struggles and Open Opportunities for Yourself with Justine

How Life Insurance Can Actually be Sexy

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Justine @justinekedi, whom I met through Twitter.

Today Justine is happy financial services professional and educator but it was a long road before reaching that happy stage.

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Justine will share the difficulties she encountered when she moved to Turkey to become an English teacher. It was a tough situation but we will see as well how these challenges forced her to change her financial mindset and ultimately encouraged her to become a financial services professional. Justine will also break down life insurance and make it easy for us to understand that specific component to personal finances (i.e. Protection, this part will be most useful for our American amigos) and will share her big WHY? and her big goal.

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This episode is for you if you feel stuck or you are facing a difficult situation right now. I hope that Justine’s story and enthusiasm inspire you to take action towards your best life. This episode is also for you if you want to understand life insurance better.

Key Takeaways:

  • Contracts: Read the fine print of every contract you sign whether for a life insurance contract, your rent, or your job.
  • If you feel stuck and everything seems impossible, there are two choices you can pick up that bottle of Raki or you can pick yourself up and fight your battle. Do like Justine: Look for solutions and try different approaches.
  • From struggles comes beauty: Embrace the struggles that will make you stronger. It may sound corny but it is important to keep believing in yourself.
  • Life insurance:
    • Look at the rules in your country and pay attention to taxation rules (do not overpay on your contributions for instance)
    • Shop around
    • Does it sound sexier to you now 😉?
  • Dream big (open a school in the Philippines) and set clear goals: Defining your next step will be easier.

Who is Justine?

Justine is a financial services professional and educator. She loves helping families build and protect their generational wealth. When she’s not helping families on their financial journeys, she enjoys creating self-help journals on Amazon and pickling every month. She’s traveled to over 25 countries and used to live in Seoul, South Korea, and Istanbul, Turkey. She is currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

Justine de Peralta


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