How to Reach Financial Independence The Belgian Way with Sandy

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Sandy, from the Youtube Channel Mavutive Personal Finance & Lifestyle.

Sandy is a fellow Belgian who is working on reaching Financial Independence and move to another country to live her dream life. she will share her plan and how she has adapted the American way of reaching FIRE (aka the “Simple Path to Wealth”) to her personal situation in Belgium.

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Although she is at the start of her journey, Sandy has already her ducks in a row when it comes to personal finance and she will deliver some excellent tips for you who want to make changes to your financial situation.

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This episode is for you if you are if you always hear about Financial Independence from US bloggers but wonder if you can reach it in your country. (And spoiler alert, “Yes, you can!“)

Key Takeaways:

  • Financial independence can mean different things to different people, for Sandy that means to live a life where work is optional. What is it for you?
  • Reaching FI:
    • Save 25 times your yearly expenses (or less if you plan to move to a cheaper area (i.e. Geoarbitrage))
    • Make big moves: Increase streams of income (rental properties), increase your savings rate (Can you save one salary if you are in a couple?)
    • Increase your savings/investment rate but your life should still be comfortable. Do not cut back on things you love
    • Your home: Don’t be obsessed with interior decoration and focus on the essentials, look at a house for what it is. This could reduce your costs significantly.
    • Get inspired by US blogs, Youtube channels, and podcasts and do the research for the accounts, specifics that work for you, in your country. The simple path to wealth can be replicated in Belgium as well with some adjustments.
    • Acknowledge the advantages you have, in Belgium our higher education registration fees are relatively low. This can help you on your way to FI.
    • Society does not make you reflect on the possibility of FI: You start your career by thinking about spending. Joining online communities can also help you.
  • Choosing the broker platform is important:
    • Look at the fees and the frequency of your contributions, to see what platform suits you best.
    • With gamified apps such as BuxZero, Trading212, or Robinhood, you still need to be responsible to study the companies, and if you live in Belgium declare your own tax on stock-exchange transactions. (BuxZero is really helpful with this by the way)
  • Have a savings goal with your money (can be for a car, a holiday,…), otherwise, you will spend on meaningless things. Once you have a savings goal, it will be easier to achieve it. FI is a longer-term goal but you don t get bored of it at least Sandy is not.
  • Put your money where your mouth is: You can change your situation!

Who is Sandy?

Sandy Mavutive (30) is an enthusiastic personal finance content creator who shares her journey towards financial independence on her YouTube channel. Currently living in Belgium and planning to retire early in Poland with her husband and their dog Koffee.

Sandy Mavutive YOutube Personal Finance


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