How To Align Your Career with Your Core Priorities with Lee

“You can’t cut your way to prosperity”

In today’s episode, we will speak to my good friend Lee Huffman from the We Travel There podcast.

We met through the Fincon community and I had the chance to be on his show as well to talk about Oslo (my first podcast ever!). Next to his podcast, Lee is a freelance writer about all topics personal finance and of course traveling (credit cards, points and miles, travel hacks, and so on).

What I did not know was that Lee recently left a very well-paid job and moved cities within the US to live a more balanced lifestyle, pursue his passions, and to spend more time with his kids. And this is what we will talk about today, how and why Lee made drastic changes to his lifestyle and how you can too even with a regular income.

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This episode is for you if you are looking at making intentional changes to your lifestyle, improve your work-life balance, and still progress on your financial goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • No matter how successful your career may be, things can still change. If you feel a change is in the air, ask yourself: Should I change jobs? Should I do something else?
  • Define your priorities (spend time with kids and see them grow/move to a cheaper area,…) and run the numbers. What would the cost be?
  • If you go the freelance route: Pay attention to your cash flow as your income will become more variable. You can pay for your home faster if you earn extra money, but the money you put in there is illiquid while putting it in the stock markets is more flexible.
  • Tips for us with normal regular salaries: 
    • 1) Look at cheaper alternatives for what you use: Focus on the big wins the low hanging fruits and your top 10 expenses
    • 2) Use cashback cards and pay these in full
    • 3) Learn skills online that are in demand or side hustle (a couple of hours a week: Etsy shop, design work, etc)
  • Use the power of networking at conferences, you never know what might come out of it (Lee started his website as a hobby).

Who is Lee?

Lee Huffman spent 18 years as a financial planner and corporate finance manager in Los Angeles before quitting his corporate job in 2018 to move to Nashville and write full-time. Lee has been writing about early retirement, credit cards, travel, insurance, and other personal finance topics since 2012. He enjoys showing people how to travel more, spend less, and live better through the power of travel rewards. When Lee is not getting his passport stamped around the world, he’s researching methods to earn more miles and points towards his next vacation.
His writing can be found on many popular travel and personal finance websites such as The Points Guy, Forbes Advisor, and NerdWallet. You can follow Lee‘s travels at or listen to his weekly travel podcast at
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Meet the Huffmans!


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