How to go from a Scarcity to an Abundance Money Mindset with Anissa

“You Do Not Need More Money, You Need Better Money”

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Anissa from the podcast Outrospection.

Outrospection is a self-development podcast where Anissa offers various perspectives through solo shows, interviews, and inspiring stories in order for us to grow, improve ourselves, and/or to take action!

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Anissa will share her money story of how she changed her money script from a scarcity mindset to an abundant mindset and provide useful tips on how you can change your own money script as well.

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This episode is for you if even the word money stresses you, if you feel uncomfortable about the topic and if you are ready to make a change for yourself.

Key Takeaways:

  • Money scripts are formed during childhood, for Anissa it was Money = Hard work, I am afraid of losing it. On that note, I highly recommend you check out our episode with Derek where the concept of money script explained very clearly.
  • By going through the deep work on yourself, introspection, asking yourself questions you will become more conscious about what money means to you.
  • Actionable tips:
    • Track your expenses (even if it is not a funny activity) and be more intentional about how you spend money, reduce unnecessary expenses. Over the long haul, your spending pattern will become a habit.
    • Get educated: Read, listen, train yourself through courses.
    • Take action: Practice what you learned, invest, earn more, etc.
  • Money is a good tool to prove yourself to others for external validation, do not fall into that trap. 
  • Anissa’s message on money for all of us: Start by asking yourself questions and do your research, take action, and create your own reality. As an example your retirement money is not guaranteed, so create your own reality by focusing on what you can control.

Who is Anissa?

Anissa is the creator and host of the podcast Outrospection. 2 years ago, she undertook a long and deep introspection, questioning her entire life and belief systems. During this period she learned a lot about herself, from self-development books to investment podcasts, she spent a lot of time reading and listening to great content. In 2019, she decided to share the numerous lessons she learned and created her Instagram page “”, a few days later she launched the first episode of her podcast: The first of a long series… You can contact her through her website or via Instagram.

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