Why Human Interaction Still Matters For Financial Advice with Brian

Hint: Money Is Still An Emotional Topic In This Digital Age

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Brian Thorp from Wealthtender.

After an extensive career working with global asset management, Brian founded his company Wealthtender with the aim of connecting people with the best fitting financial resource, educator, or advisor.

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We will discuss the evolution of digital investing tools throughout his career and why human advice (through a financial advisor, podcasts, blogs, coaches,…) still has a place in today’s world. We will also tackle the misconception that one needs to be wealthy in the first place to hire a financial professional.

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This episode is for you if you have been looking for financial advice around but have not yet found the best financial resource that fits your needs or the best financial professional that you can connect with.

Key Takeaways:

  • There has been a huge shift in technology in the last 20 years: We are going more digital and are choosing more automated solutions when it comes to financial advice and there is consequently less human interaction.
  • Money is still an emotional topic (think of big events that are emotional and money-related). A person can relate better than technology in certain cases, and that is where support is needed. We need to manage the combination of emotions and money.
  • The Wealthtender philosophy: Everyone deserves help with money matters no matter their income or situation.
  • There are already tons of free resources out there (podcasts, blogs, websites,…) and there are as well affordable options in the form of online courses at very low costs or packaged financial coaching services (at least in the US).
  • Should you go for a Financial advisor or a financial coach? It can be difficult to know what is best for you but in short, the financial advisor is a licensed professional accountable to various standards and government bodies. They can help with specific investing advised while for financial coaches there is no regulatory oversight, which will require more due diligence on your end. Nevertheless, Financial coaches will be more indicated to help you with more behavioral aspects: How to get out of debt, how to get you back on the path to financial success,…

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Who is Brian?

Brian is the founder and CEO of Wealthtender.com. After two decades in financial services working for a global asset manager, Brian left to launch Wealthtender in 2019 to help more people improve their financial well-being by connecting them with the best financial professionals and educators for their individual needs. Based in Texas, Brian is also an active angel investor who enjoys working with entrepreneurs to help them grow. You can contact Brian through his contact page or via LinkedIn.

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Brian Thorp


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