Discovering my own money story – An honest interview with a Money coach

Hey there friends,

I was recently interviewed by my friend Lisa Duke, she is an Accredited Financial Counselor and is currently training to be a Financial Fitness Coach.

On her Youtube channel, she interviews various people from all walks of life to share their so-called “money stories” in order to inspire people to improve their relationship with money.

Lisa wanted to hear some of my money scripts that I have not told elsewhere before. In order to prepare myself, I went through a self-reflection exercise for about 15-20 minutes which helped me dig into some of my own “money stories”. In this interview, we talk about how I viewed money as a kid and how that relationship with money evolved over time. In short, it goes from wanting riches and status, including a Porsche 911 to focus on a more Minimalistic lifestyle and happiness.



Key Takeaways:

  • Money was on my mind since I was a kid, and obviously still is 🙂
  • For any parents out there, the guidance and help on job information were helpful throughout my teenage years. (Even though I sometimes only asked about money to the professionals 😁)
  • Money beliefs and attitudes change over time: Money was a driver in my studies and career, but at some point, I got content and got more focused on developing myself and looking at opportunities. If you never feel like you have enough you will never invest!
  • On minimalism: By moving around all the time and focusing on buying quality, it helped me become more mindful about possessions
  • If you are interested in some particularly expensive stuff like a sports car or boat, maybe you can rent it and still experience it instead of owning it and having all the costs.
  • Status is overrated, do not buy things to impress people or chase status, in the end, everyone cares about himself!

Enjoy and do not hesitate to visit Lisa’s Facebook group or Youtube channel!



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