How to Become a Digital Nomad and build passive income at the same time with Sharon

How to build that financial freedom for yourself

Today is this season’s last podcast episode. You read that right, I am taking a break from podcasting for the summer and the show will be back in September with more inspiring interviews. I will nevertheless remain active on social media and have a couple of articles I will publish on the blog. I’d like to take the opportunity as well to thank you all for taking the time to listen, send in some questions, and share the episodes. I launched this as an experiment and I really enjoyed it and still learn from it but I couldn’t do it without your constant feedback, so thanks so much it means a lot to me!

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In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Sharon Tseung from Digital Nomad Quest.

Sharon left her corporate job in marketing in 2016, traveled for 2 years, and came back to the Bay Area (the area around San Francisco) where she is back into a marketing position and continues to develop her website and various income streams (which she teaches on her website).

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Sharon will guide us through the process of how she left her job, how she built income streams all while traveling, and actually how she even managed to save money during those 2 years! Digital nomading may not be for everyone but building passive income streams to strengthen your financial future definitely is and Sharon will help us to get started! (Yaay!)

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This episode is for you if you are curious about becoming a digital nomad and/or you want to build more financial freedom for yourself by building more passive income streams.

Key Takeaways:

  • By traveling you will get inspired, meet people and new ideas will come to you. That is what sparked Sharon’s interest in Digital Nomading in the first place. This is maybe not for you but if you feel you want to give it a shot, go for it!
  • But….do not go in blindly :
    • Do your homework on taxes and healthcare
    • Have money saved up and get started with developing income streams.
    • Try to find remote positions if possible within your field of expertise.
    • Check and
  • Building passive income is for anyone and you can start for a very little cost (Etsy, blog)
  • Consider these 4 factors: Your interest, your strengths, your time and capital
    • Master one income stream before moving on to the next one.
    • The more you take action, the more opportunities and ideas will come.
  • Manage your time whether through tools like Google Sheets and Google Keep. Have your daily actions align with your long-term goals and revisit those goals every now and then! And do not forget as you go along to stay healthy, Health before Wealth! Always!


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Who is Sharon?

Sharon Tseung is the founder of DigitalNomadQuest. She quit her job as a marketing professional in 2016, traveled the world for 2 years, and ended up building over 10 passive income streams on her digital nomad journey. Now, Sharon teaches how to build passive income and create financial and location independence through her blog, YouTube, and podcast.

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Sharon Tseung


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