A Deeper Look at Racial Inequality in America and Personal Finance with Jason


With the recent murder of George Floyd and the current protests happening in the US, I wanted to share some thoughts around racial inequality on the Podcast as well. As I was reaching out to my network I got connected with Jason Hines who is coming on the show today. Jason is no expert on these thematics but he is nevertheless deeply motivated to share his thoughts as well and to raise awareness on the issue.

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We will look beyond the current events and give answers (or at least parts of it) to the questions: How did we get here? Where does this systemic racism come from? Jason will take us on a short American history class dating back from slavery (the 1800s) up to today and how racism has remained ingrained in the US society despite the Civil Rights act achieved by Martin Luther King. We will also have a look at how Financial literacy can play a big role in helping underserved communities and how we can all contribute to racial equality.

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This episode is for you if you want to take a deeper look at the recent “racist incidents” and learn more about how to contribute to a better understanding between communities. And it is an opportunity for me to raise awareness on the topic as well.

It is my sincere hope that this episode will help spread awareness and build towards a better future for the next generations. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Racism is not new and finds its origins back in the slavery period (the 1800s).
  • Slavery was commoditized (people used as a resource) at a high rate at the same time as capitalism was born. This, in turn, created the blueprint for today’s systemic racism. What we are witnessing today is the “hangover” as Jason calls it of more than 200 years of systemic racism.
  • Real Estate is a powerful way to pass on generational wealth, if you are deprived at first (redlining) how will you pass on that wealth?
  • We are not born racists, we can however unlearn by educating ourselves and get to know each other better (Yes, that may mean getting out of our comfort zones)
  • We can all contribute so let’s get the ball rolling for helping the next generations with raising awareness, educational content, and financial acumen.
A Deeper Look at Racial Inequality in America. An open. An open discussion on learning the origins of systemic racism in the US, how Financial literacy can play a big role in helping underserved communities and how we can all contribute to racial equality. #stopracism #blacklivesmatter #financialliteracy #joneytalks #racialwealthgap #wealthgap #martinlutherking
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Who is Jason?

Jason Hines has been a leader in the event, sports, and brand marketing world for over 20 years. Originally from metropolitan Chicago IL, he now resides outside of Nashville, TN. After a 9-year run with Red Bull leading marketing teams in the Southeast United States, Jason has shifted focus to develop and empower strategic marketing leaders through various organizations, serving as the Chief Strategist for Consortium, as a founding member of The Moonshot Collective, and starting his own consultancy with Mix Marketing. His motivation is simple: he strives to help brands he believes in developing the framework to build better people, teams, processes, and strategies to drive success.

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Jason Hines


Update 07/02/2021

As the U.S. celebrates Black History Month my friends at The Simple Dollar want to encourage investment in and empowerment of Black-owned businesses. By banking with Black financial institutions, people can now play their part in reinvesting in the Black community in the U.S.
In an effort to combat the wealth disparity gap and help people know what steps to take to make the switch to a Black-owned financial institution, their team of experts created the guide 19 Black-Owned Banks and How to Support Them – make sure you check it out!
“Deciding to bank with a Black-owned institution isn’t just about choosing where you keep your money. It’s a way to take a stand against inequality in communities that lack financial inclusion.”

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5 thoughts on “A Deeper Look at Racial Inequality in America and Personal Finance with Jason

  1. This sounds like a very interesting conversation and very topical in these times! So, I have downloaded this episode of the podcast to listen to on Spotify.

    1. I hope you’ll enjoy and make sure to spread it around if you do and learn something from the conversation :). in Europe racism takes a different form but it is important to still open the discussion on racial bias.

      1. There are certainly a lot of conversations here at the moment about racial inequality. It’s rather subtle over here. I would recommend Bonnie Greer’s podcast, ‘In Search of Black History’.

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