How to reach Financial Independence growing and saving your money without losing your sleep with Money Mage

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Mr. Money Mage.

He is a UK-based Personal Finance blogger on his journey to reach Financial Independence. He has a principled view on how he intends to reach this goal and to him, Financial Independence can be achieved by anyone no matter your income today or your background.

Financial Freedom
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We will discuss a few of his principles and how anyone can start building his personal path to Financial Independence. We touch upon topics such as growing your income, work-life balance, his approach to investing and, on that note, we also talk about his take on P2P lending platforms.

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This episode is for you if you want to achieve Financial Independence no matter your income level nor background!

Key Takeaways:

  • It is absolutely possible to reach Financial Independence no matter your income level, the way to get there is to relentlessly seek for income growing opportunities and namely through investing so that your income is not tied to your output. Let the money make money for you.
  • Track your expenses and keep them as low as possible, save and invest the rest of your income.
  • Climbing the corporate ladder has its perks and salary benefits, but it can come with stress and reduced work-life balance.  Endlessly looking for promotions is not the path to happiness. Evaluate what the tipping point is for you.
  • Side activities can also help you build skills which can help you in your day job, so these can be great ways to invest in yourself as well!
  • Regarding investing your money: whether you are an aggressive investor or more conservative, invest in a way that will let you sleep at night 😉!

Who is Money Mage?

Based in Scotland, Money Mage is a late-30s something on the path to financial independence. Together with the Other-Money Mage, we were mortgage-free at 35. Money Mage takes a conservative approach to growing wealth and reducing expenditure. Money Mage writes on matters Personal Finance at and can be reached on Twitter at @moneymagery.

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