How to Live Your Unconventional and Wildly Wealthy Life with Kat

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Kat from the Wildly Wealthy Life podcast.

Kat is from the Philippines and came 15 years ago to the US (Los Angeles) to pursue her artist’s dream career, she is a full-on artist: She dances, she teaches piano and is an aerialist. Despite the variable and unpredictable income that comes with such a career, she has still managed to get out of debt, purchase a multifamily home with her husband and she is living her wildly wealthy life!

Kat aerialist
Kat in action!

Kat will share her inspiring story on how she started her real estate investing journey with an irregular source of income, how she budgets, and how her background has played an important part in how she manages her finances. Talking about her background, we will also discuss a few cultural money differences she faced when coming to the US.

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This episode is for you if you feel you are stagnating with your finances and want to get moving towards larger goals. The tone is light and conversational but there are some excellent takeaways!

Key Takeaways:

  • Develop special skills to stand out: Kat knew she needed to add skills next to her dancer abilities when moving to LA, so she learned all about being an aerialist.
  • If your wish is to pursue an artistic career be prepared for irregular income and when extra money comes in do not give in to lifestyle creep (increasing expenses as your money grows)
  • Teamwork and communication are what helped her couple get through debt and start their successful financial journey.
  • Some Filipino wisdom: “If you do not have cash, do not buy it”, you will avoid a ton of financial trouble that way 😉. You do not choose where you are born, money habits and systems will vary, just make the best out of it!
  • Kat’s motto: Nothing is impossible! Think: What’s the way around the problem?

Who is Kat?

Dancer, Aerialist, Actor, worked all over the world and toured the US performing to sold-out stadium shows for a Marvel stunt show.  Passionate about building wealth, sharing her knowledge and creative resources which she gets to share as the host of Wildly Wealthy Life podcast (  She’s a note investor and a piano teacher. Her hobbies include reading and going on action-packed crazy adventures.  For her work as an artist and a piano teacher, check out and

Kat girl red hair
Kat Hughes


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