Do you have a Scarcity or an Abundance mindset? How to transform your Money Mindset with Adine

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Adine from Lekker Leven met Minder.

Adine is from The Netherlands and we met last September at Fincon. Although we met at a Money/Finance conference, one of her favorite topics is Money Mindset. A topic I really enjoy because, in my opinion, that is where it is all starts.

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Money should be like air,…

I have now been blogging and talking about personal finance for the last 3,5 years, and to be honest the Money Mindset part is not something I thought about in the beginning. And if you think about it,  it is true. You can write or read about the best financial tips, the next best stock with the highest potential growth, the best area to own a rental property and so on. If you do not have the correct Money Mindset in the first place, you will always be struggling in a way or another.

And today, Adine will give some practical tips on how to transform your Money Mindset, she will also share her financial journey, including some of the errors she made in the past (so you can avoid making them as well) and she will also illustrate how she developed her mindset through these struggles.

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This episode is for you if you are currently struggling with your finances, have developed negative emotions towards money over the years and want to see a change. The good news is that it is possible to change your attitude towards your finances!

Key Takeaways:

  • Your Money Mindset is your attitude towards your finances. These are typically a scarcity mindset: There is never enough, or you are afraid that money will run out, or an abundance mindset: You are in a place where you are content, there will always be enough. Examples :
    • Scarcity: Saving for the sake of saving. That is the wrong focus, money should be a tool, not a goal as such.
    • Abundance: Money is like air, you should be able to breathe it in and out. You never think of air running out.
  • To get started with developing your Money Mindset, get to the WHY? : Ask yourself why do you save money? Dig into your money memories and experiences and you will be off to a great start to find more details about the money stories (limiting beliefs about money) you tell yourself.
  • Adine’s Money mindset: She got educated (books, blogs, writing about it and more) and she focused on minimalism at first and then applied to money: Focus on contentment, be happy with what you have.
  • With regards to mortgages (and any type of loans in general), read the fine print and understand what you are getting into.
  • This might be a surprise to some of you, but indeed women seem more diligent than men when it comes to investing!

Who is Adine?

Adine is an online entrepreneur/money mindset fanatic and runs However, most of her time is spent on her Dutch projects,, and, which focus on personal finance and improving your money mindset. She lives in the Netherlands but loves to travel to the US whenever she has the chance. If you’re looking to improve your Dutch, you can also follow her recently launched Money Mind Podcast. You can get in touch via her contactpage or by sending a message on Instagram.

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