How Naza left her stable (but stressful) career and turned her life upside down completely to pursue her dreams in Asia

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Naza from Copenhagen (Denmark).

I met Naza through common friends when visiting them in Copenhagen on several occasions. We have been keeping in touch through Facebook over the years, she is a positive person and when I met her she seemed very happy and dedicated about her career. Just in November of last year, she posted on her Facebook profile that she would leave her corporate job and her happy life in the bustling Scandinavian capital to move to Asia to pursue her dreams of becoming a licensed yoga teacher, to teach English to underprivileged Thai children and open her yoga school in Bali! That was quite a surprise to me but I was very happy for her at the same time.

Naza friends and me
With Naza in Copenhagen

I, of course, wanted to know more about this drastic lifestyle change: The reasons, the wake-up call, the preparation, the mindset shift, the finances, etc. Naza will share her story and lessons with us on the show and even if you are not planning to change your life in such an extreme way, there are some great takeaways from the conversation for all of us!

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This episode is for you if you currently feel stuck in your career, in a routine. You have goals and dreams but they seem far out of reach, you do not feel confident about achieving them and do not know where to start. Naza’s story will definitely inspire you to take action.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your career and stability can be important to you today but your values may change depending on life’s circumstances (for Naza it was the stress and feeling burnt out).
  • Books are powerful and can really change your mindset and help you overcome mental barriers. The power books have above other media is that, in my opinion, it sparks your imagination and gets you to think. They are one of my favourite ways to invest in myself.
  • Reading about mindset and positivity is great but without taking action it is worthless and taking action is what lead Naza to make drastic moves and turn her life upside down!
  • Financials :
    • Have some money saved up: It will give you flexibility and more comfort
    • Prioritize your spending: She quit the posh lifestyle, sold some clothing.
    • Work on building several streams of income.
  • Remember what is important in life: Spending time with your loved ones, enjoying life.  No one ever regretted working more.

Who is Naza?

Naza is a former banker who has made the big decision to leave her corporate career to pursue her dreams in Asia. She has been thinking about making the shift for several years but it took her some time to gather the courage to make the leap. She is passionate about traveling, yoga, and meditation and she is planning to blog about these passions and at the same time teach English in Thailand. Ultimately Naza wants to set up her online business and spend a certain percentage of the profit to support NGOs or projects that would benefit our planet and/or support projects in developing countries.



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