Get more out of your LinkedIn profile and negotiate your salary like a pro with Alisa

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No matter where you are in your career, there will always be a point where you will look at changing jobs, changing industries, climbing up the corporate ladder or you will “simply” look at negotiating your salary/compensation package.

During a recent trip to Malta, I took the opportunity to catch up with my friend Alisa Jensen and we also discussed these topics. Alisa is the founder of and is a LinkedIn expert, she helps her clients who want something more out of their careers.

She kindly agreed to shoot a short video on how to stand out on LinkedIn since it is the largest professional network and we also discuss the importance of negotiating your salary and give some practical tips. Her tips are absolute gold!

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And actually, a couple of weeks ago she sent me a message to say that our video helped one of her clients to be successful at his job interview, that the general manager was impressed with his negotiation and that that guy was celebrating his new job. The guy had been jobless for several months prior to that! The funny thing is that I pushed my friend to film the interview, I was dead tired because I was traveling but still our video helped to change one person’s life, the return on the “efforts” is just immense! That made me truly happy and hope this video can help many more of you getting more out of their careers!

Key Takeaways:

For LinkedIn:

  • Keep your LinkedIn profile updated at all times, even if you are currently happy at your job, and showcase what value you can bring to the marketplace.
  • Do not just copy-paste your CV, think about branding yourself and what you can achieve from positioning yourself better.
  • Cut off what is not relevant from your resume, think about where you are heading and use the right words so that LinkedIn puts you in the right “box”.
  • Take a long-term approach: Even if you are perfectly happy at your job today, starting building that brand today not when you want or need to change jobs.
  • Looking for new career opportunities? Don´t write it in your header!

Salary negotiations:

  • There are 2 ways to approach them: The rational way and the emotional way.
  • The rational way is “easy” and logical: There are plenty of resources online.
  • For the emotional way: Work on yourself, build up the confidence that you have the skills, that you have what it takes to make the company better and that you are worth it.
  • Be creative in your negotiation: It is not only about the gross pay, think in terms of total compensation package: salary + additional benefits. Some of the benefits might even be easy for the company to give away.


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