How to land a promotion every single year at your job and how to live according to your values through lifestyle design with Becky

Another take at managing money in your 20s

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Becky from

We met at Fincon in Washington D.C. earlier this year and it was definitely a fun encounter! Becky is not only young, energetic and driven as you will discover, but she also has great lessons in store for any one of us in our early 20s, in our mid- to late 30s and even for the “wiser” crowds 😁! Since I already have interviewed Araminta about how to manage money in your 20s, I also wanted to hear Becky’s view. She started her career with a high focus on reaching FIRE by the age of 35 but after 5 years, she has re-defined her goals and is now looking into semi-retirement instead.

Becky and me at Fincon

This is definitely different than going into your career with the focus on Career Capital: building skills, a portfolio and a network (Araminta’s approach). But on the other hand, they both also share similar stances and approaches to reach their financial (and actually life) goals.

In summary, we will discuss how to land promotions at your job every single year, how Becky intends to apply lifestyle design concepts to switch from her initial FIRE goal to semi-retired/slow FI lifestyle and we also share thoughts on her inspiring article There is no better time than now.

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This episode is for you if you are looking at increasing your salary at your current workplace but do not know how and where to start. It is also for those of you eager to hear more about lifestyle design, what it is all about and how Becky applies the concepts to her own life. Although we are talking with Becky who is in her twenties, this episode is absolutely for many of us older folks as well! You will enjoy it, trust me!

Key Takeaways:

  • Regarding promotions, do like Becky:
    • Track every accomplishment (i.e initiatives, exceptional results) that will save your company time and/or money. (additional PRO TIP: add these to your CV)
    • Take initiatives on your own without being asked, get trained/certified.
    • Be clear about your wish for promotion and make it easy for your manager and HR to accept your salary increase request (prepare the package with all relevant back-up and bring it at your yearly review).
  • Set strict deadlines for yourself to achieve your goals, this will increase your focus on delivering results faster,…but watch your health, find a balance to not get burnt-out.
  •  The main reason to pursue Financial Independence in Becky’s case is to have an impact on the world. I really liked the powerful image she used: Become financially independent, be able to put on the financial oxygen mask first and then help other people put on their oxygen mask.
  • Becky’s financial tips:
    • Save and invest as early in your life as possible.
    • If you take a long-term approach (30 years or even up to 60 years), you do not need to worry about the day-to-day market movements.
    • Reduce your costs to a comfortable level and do not inflate your lifestyle according to your salary increases.
    • Doing less is better, automate and redistribute your money in “buckets” as much as you can and let your money work for you in the background.
    • Give yourself permission to spend! Set up a spending plan and spend on the things you want that are aligned with your values and goals (do not focus for external markers of status).
  • We all know the expression: “You can’t judge a book by its cover” and in the case of the gas station attendant, it is true, you really can’t assess a person’s net worth or financial situation by this person’s job, appearance or possessions.
  • Becky’s message to the world: “One life, live it!

Who is Becky?

Becky, the founder of, teaches twenty-somethings the principles of financial independence and lifestyle design through coaching, blogging, and podcasting. She is launching the Find Your Freedom podcast in January 2020, where she interviews guests who have become debt-free, achieved financial independence, quit their jobs, started their own businesses, travelled the world, and defined freedom for themselves. Becky believes that you can enjoy your twenties to the fullest while pursuing financial freedom and creating a life you love. You can learn more about Becky here and can contact her through her contact page or on any social media @twentyfreeco.



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