How Jacob quit his stressful six-figure job to move into an RV and embrace a minimalistic lifestyle

In today’s episode, we will speak to my friend Jacob from I Heart Budgets.

We met at Fincon 19 and he told me he was currently on a “mini-retirement” travelling in an RV (a large motorhome/camper van) with his wife and three kids through the US. He started this crazy plan in August of 2018 and while the plan was to travel 1 year they have extended their plans.

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Living in such a limited space brings challenges but as well incredible experiences and opportunities. We will discuss all of these with Jacob and we will also discuss what triggered him and his family to do this. Oddly enough, a couple of months before deciding to go live in an RV, the Wades were looking into buying a new larger home! The discussion with also be seasoned with a pinch of minimalism here and there. 

Since Jacob loves budgets (–> nerd), we also discuss why setting up a budget or better “a plan” for your finances is the essence of starting to live a better life.

If you are not from US, here are a few quick conversions to keep in mind before you push play: 300 sqft ≈ approx 30 sqm, 35 feet ≈10,6m, 1 foot ≈ 30 cm, 1 acre ≈ 4000 sqm or 0,4 ha.

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This episode is for you if you are keen on hearing about why someone with a well-paid job is “suddenly” making a drastic lifestyle change by moving to a more nomadic and minimalistic lifestyle. And more importantly how that can be achieved through budgeting and planning. This episode is also for you if you are new to budgeting and still wonder why it can be a fantastic starting point to achieve your goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fun and surprising facts of living in an RV:
    • Your scenery will change with every stop you make. You will get a new backyard at every location.
    • Not having a washing machine in the RV and going to laundromat with multiple washers and dryers actually save a lot of time!
    • Moving into the RV will create forced minimalism (you need to live with only what you need)
  • Just like Brad from Man Overseas, choosing a place to settle after your nomadic venture will be a tough choice.
  • Regarding homeschooling:  It is an opportunity for a more hands-on teaching approach as you can take more advantage of real-life situations that occur.
  • The hardest part of living in an RV and moving around: Missing friends, your community (e.g. church) and family.
  • Living such an experience will change your perspective on life and the Wade family is embracing the journey while building their business and strengthening the family bonds.
  • Regarding Budgets: Jacob’s mission is to help people take control of their money and live on an intentional plan (the budget). This plan will allow them to achieve their financial goals and live a better life (it will actually unlock their freedom)
  • Jacobs’s minimalistic approach on “stuff”, the 5 (or 6) questions you should ask yourself before letting anything enter your house: Are you willing to pay for it?  Are you willing to use that item? Will you be able to store it? Are you prepared to maintain that item? and ultimately are you ready to sell it or give it away. And the extra question you can ask yourself: Are you willing to transport it with you when you move?

Who is Jacob Wade?

I’m Jacob Wade, the Founder of iHeartBudgets! I am a husband, father, and self-proclaimed #budgetnerd! We kicked the American dream to the curb, sold everything, and are now travelling the country in our RV. Over the past year of travel, we have visited 25 states, 20 National Parks, and over 80 stops across the country! We preach the message of Financial Freedom to all who will listen and have put together a Budget Binder with 30+ worksheets to help people organize their finances & their lives. If you want to connect with us, you can find us posting daily over on Instagram!

Jacob Wade
Jacob “Jake” Wade


Jacob Wade iHeatbudgets
The best business card seen at Fincon ’19
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7 thoughts on “How Jacob quit his stressful six-figure job to move into an RV and embrace a minimalistic lifestyle

  1. HI WADE family!!! Happy to see this post on FB!! We, the Azevedo family are doing well. Don and I bought an RV trailer this past April and love using it!!

    1. Hello Pam, thanks for visiting the website and leaving a comment. I have passed it on to Jacob. How is the minimalistic lifestyle working out for you?

    2. Pam, that’s awesome! Do you travel often? We are still loving it, even after living in the thing for over 16 months, to us, it represents FREEDOM!

      Hope all is well with you and tell your family “Hi!”

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