How to travel full-time and build self-confidence with Brad

In today’s episode, we are heading to Thailand and will be talking to my friend Brad from Man Overseas.

The name of his website (which is also the name of his podcast) says it all, Brad is a traveler and likes to venture overseas in different cities with his wife. We will talk about the specifics of his current lifestyle, how he has focused over the years to reach this lifestyle and we will end up with very powerful insights on building self-confidence!

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This engaging discussion will be seasoned with many great book references, personal finance tips, lifestyle inflation, a Porsche 911 and we will also dig more than usual into psychology and habits. As you will hear, both Brad and I really come out of our shells on those various topics during the episode, so definitely a must listen!

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This episode is for you if you are curious about the practicalities to live a more nomadic lifestyle, how to reach that lifestyle and as well if you are looking into developing your self-confidence further.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the Western world, we are not often faced with true poverty, as Brad states we have problems of abundance and we often forget to remain grateful.
  • Tracking your expenses is paramount if you want to continue to maintain your “overseas lifestyle”. It is not a sign of poverty, it is a conscious choice to make sure you will not go back to your previous life.
  • Brad’s approach was to keep expenses low and avoid lifestyle inflation, read voraciously, learn and grow and keep on investing with a focus on his net worth (assets minus liabilities).
  • In this age of easy credit, driving a Range Rover does not signal whether you earn 50 000 USD or 500 000 USD.
  • Self-confidence is earned, it is acquired through discipline and habits.
  • Recording interviews at 6:30 a.m. gets me to really come out of my shell much more than usual it seems 😄.

Who is Brad Dantonio?

Brad Dantonio is from Houston, TX, USA. He worked in corporate America through his 20s and early 30s and used a side hustle to accelerate savings & investments, some years up to 80% of his income. Then he retired at age 34. He and his bride travel the world full-time… He has a blog and a podcast called Man Overseas, which he started because he wants to help others live the dream too. He joins me today from Thailand.

Brad D Antonio
Brad Dantonio


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