What is Peer-2-Peer lending? Investing in Mintos, camels and more with The Wealthy Finn

In today’s episode, we speak to my friend The Wealthy Finn.

He blogs about investing in general. He has been investing for the last 10 years in the stock markets and has started adding Peer-2-Peer lending (or P2P lending) to his investment as of 2015.

We connected through Twitter, I read some of his blog posts and thought he would the right guy to discuss and present what Peer-to-peer lending is on the Podcast. I am also looking at it myself as I want to diversify my own portfolio with Mintos for example.

We go through what Peer-2-peer lending is, what the risks are, which platforms to use, how to deal with taxes, etc. He is heavily invested in stocks (both individual stocks and index funds) and explains why he still wants to add Peer-2-Peer lending investments to his portfolio. To spice it all up, the Wealthy Finn will share some horror stories and as well will tell us about his “wacky” investments such as forests, solar cells, and camels (I bet you didn’t hear from that particular “asset class” before 😉!).

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This episode is for you if you want to learn more about investing in Peer-to-peer lending platforms in general and as well to learn from real hands-on experiences about what it is to invest and diversify one’s assets.

My key takeaways

  • Peer-to-peer lending is risky and will require some research upfront: Do your own research first.
  • A high interest may seem like a fantastic opportunity but it also means high risk.
  • It is uncorrelated to the stock market (it does not follow the same trend), so it offers a great diversification opportunity.
  • In the case of the stock markets, start with index funds and then diversify bit by bit by adding individual stocks.
  • Studying the companies and understanding the business behind the individual stocks can be fascinating.
  • Don’t try to time the market.

Who is The Wealthy Finn

The Wealthy Finn is a regular guy taking irregular risks. He writes about what he is thinking and doing so that others could perhaps find the courage to start taking risks as well.

It’s the only way to start.
The Wealthy Finn
The Wealthy Finn
About investing :
  • He is quite unemotional about investing. He hasn’t always been like that, but nowadays he doesn’t think about his portfolio performance. He just likes to learn more.
  • He takes controlled risks. People generally prefer sure outcomes over unsure ones even if the expected value would be lower.
  • He has enough wealth to change his life. This puts him in a situation where it’s greatly motivating for him to actually solve financial independence right here, right now. He is 2/3 into it!
  • His strong math background helps. Without one, understanding the value of diversification, or, why sometimes a lower yield investment actually improves one’s portfolio would be lost.


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