Are the wealthy switching from traditional to crypto investments? with Leanna

and how do wealthy people invest?

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In today’s special short video/audio episode, we are back at Fincon 19 and we are meeting with Leanna Haakons from Blackhawk Financial.

Leanna Haakons Blackhawk Financial
Leanna Haakons

She has been in the Finance world for 12 years in various roles: Investor relations, marketing, PR, and lots of Business Developments for alternative investments.

She is also the author of the best-selling book “Young, Fun & Financially Free” (here is my review) and has been featured in major media outlets such as CNBC and Yahoo! Finance. Definitely, an honour to have her here.

Leanna organized a crypto-currency Meetup during the Fincon conference (which I attended in September) and I naturally signed up for it as I am positive to cryptocurrency and wanted to discuss cryptocurrency with other conference attendees. It is not a topic often mentioned in the more traditional Fincon space, so I was curious to hear and discuss the views of this group. Was it the very first Meetup in Fincon’s history? We do not know, but it was definitely one of the first ones 😉.

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Are the wealthy switching from traditional to crypto investments?

We had a fun and interesting gathering and I wanted to share Leanna’s observations in an interview format on what is going on in the finance world with regards to the trend of switching investments from traditional finance to the crypto space. In addition, since Leanna has been dealing with high net worth individuals, I was also keen to have her share with us how the wealthy have different (or similar?) concerns than us, mere mortals, in relation to investing.

Here is the video:

or the audio version if you prefer (Apple Podcast/Spotify)

To me, it was very interesting to hear that there is an increased appeal for investing in this type of asset class. When you see or hear it in forums or on Youtube, it is not always clear to me how and why wealthier folks would put their money into crypto. Now for the first time, I hear it from someone that is actually working with those High Net worth clients and/or institutions, and this is what makes this interview even more “tangible”.

Here are the main takeaways :

  • There is a rising interest in cryptocurrency-based assets from institutions and High Net Worth Individuals.
  • High Net worth individual (HNWI): A person with a certain amount of liquid assets (the amount can vary but it is usually starting from $1 million).
  • Retail investor: An individual investor buying shares, ETFs, etc. for his/her own account like you and me.
  • Accredited investors: A person or business that fulfils certain requirements in terms of income size, net worth, professional experience,… these are for example HNWIs, banks, brokers, etc.
  • HNWIs are not that different from you and me when it comes to money management, we share the same worries and they are not necessarily more active or more educated in the financial markets than us. They, however, have access to more “elite” investment opportunities.
  • To get educated on Blockchain and crypto, go check out these 2 channels: Ivan On Tech and Datadash.


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