How to achieve our goals through personal development and intentional living with Erik

and how to get rich “fast”!

Today´s episode is recorded in Washington D.C. during Fincon 2019, I am speaking with my friend Erik from The Mastermind Within.

While I met Erik at a “Money & Media” conference, his brand and approach are not only directed towards money, savings or investing. The key idea behind The Mastermind Within is that “Everyone is the master of their own life and create the life that they want. There is a master within you that you can tap into through personal development and intentional living.” This is what will help us define our goals,  the steps to reach those goals and actually reaching those goals.

Your finances and how you want your life to look like should be aligned but at the end of the day, the goals should not only be financial. As time goes on Erik is looking at a more overall mastery of one’s life and is passionate about helping people to achieve this. He has some pretty fun examples to illustrate his ideas. We also learn about what triggered Erik to start his journey, we talk about motivation and as well as time management.


Erik will also share his personal finance tips: We talk about tracking our expenses, “house hacking” and as well more “get rich fast” ventures! All in all an exciting episode!

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Here are my quick takeaways from this episode

  • You are the master of your life, you choose the life you want.
  • Take a holistic approach (do not focus solely on one aspect of your life)
  • Track your expenses whether you use Mint, Excel, or any other app (pen and paper anyone?)
  • Build your financial foundation.
  • Have fun and do not be afraid to take risks with investing in trendy opportunities.

Who is Erik?

Erik is a 27-year old blogger, living in the Midwest USA, who writes at The Mastermind Within. He writes about personal finance and self-improvement, and is passionate about sharing his tips for building wealth as a millennial and helping people unlock their full potential in life. Also, he is the creator of Personal Finance Blogs – a personal finance curation website.

The Mastermind Within


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