Managing money in your 20s and exploring careers with Araminta

A new perspective on starting your career


Here is the 3rd podcast episode where I speak with Araminta Robertson from Financially Mint.

I was first interested in having her on the show to share her tips for people in their 20s to manage their money. I thought it was better for you to hear it from a 20-something-year-old rather than from myself. Even though we touched upon those money tips in the first half of the show, the conversation quickly turned to a career discussion. I highly enjoyed the discussion as I not only made a new friend, but Araminta introduced me as well to a concept I had not heard of before: Career Capital. Hmmm… what could that be? And does this apply to people in their 30s as well? Let’s hear what Araminta has to say!

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This episode is for you if you are in your 20s today or have a brother/sister in his/her 20s, I cannot recommend you enough to listen to today’s show. It will definitely bring new perspectives on money and career!

Here are my quick takeaways from this episode

  • Her journey started with reading books, listening to podcasts, etc, and then sharing and connecting with others (a bit like myself with this blog 😉). I happen to have reviewed the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, here.
  • Being in control of money will help you live worry-free and leave you with enough headspace for what truly matters: family, career, friends, mental space to focus on life in general
  • Here are her money management tips: Pay yourself first, reduce mandatory bills, make money by focusing on a career that fits you best.
  • Focus on building skills, portfolio, and connections in your 20s following the principles of the 80 000 Hours organization. This is where she differs from the common advice of trying to make as much as you can at your job or through side hustles.
  • A book Araminta also recommended to me: Doing Good Better.
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Who is Araminta Robertson?

Araminta is a freelance Fintech copywriter and runs She is currently based in Malaysia (and she loves it). She also volunteers part-time at an Afghan Refugee Center and she continues searching for interesting projects to work on as she develops her career further. She also manages the podcast Financial Independence Europe with her two friends. You can contact her through her contact page, or via Twitter.

Araminta Robertson
Araminta Robertson

I hope you enjoyed this conversation as much as I did! I really appreciated learning about new concepts and hope you did as well. And in case you know some 20-something friends, please make sure you share this episode with them!

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