Make your wallet behave well with Christianna

and is Earn1K from Ramit Sethi worth it?

This Fincon has definitely been interesting for me and I went out of my comfort zone again, I have interviewed a few interesting persons during my time there and recorded everything on video.

Ramit Sethi was a Keynote speaker at Fincon and he also took the time to get his book signed: I Will Teach You To Be Rich (I am currently reading the second edition to read about the new stuff!). Since I am a fan of the man, this was a great opportunity to get my copy of the book signed by him.

As I was queuing, I met Christianna Lee from Well Behaved Wallet, she was in line in front of me, we stroke up an interesting conversation and exchanged on our perspectives of finances and life. She also told me that she had taken Ramit’s course Earn1K and I thought it would be a good opportunity to interview her and also to present a quick testimonial of the course in case you were on the fence (I have not taken the course).

I am not used to video but this one turned out to be great fun :), here it is!

Quick takeaways from the interview

  • Develop your point of view
  • Be unapologetic of who you are, what you spend your money on
  • Be careful who you take advice from
  • Be honest about where you are
  • Don’t be afraid to dream and take daily incremental steps
  • Love the life you have while building towards your dream life
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I really enjoyed this interview and if you enjoyed Christianna’s energy make sure you check out her channel here.

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